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Golf Greens

The Short Game Practice Green is our signature product which we have developed over a decade in conjunction with professional golfers, coaches, grounds staff, turf-manufacturers and soil engineers. The soil is removed until we are satisfied there is no risk of adverse conditions affecting the playing surface and layers of stone aggregate are built up on site to create the shape of the green. The exact nature of each green is only finally determined in-situ.We work with the client to create the most cost-effective and visually impressive creation for each specific location. 


The synthetic surface is laid on top of a fine stone dust that already contains all the final contours and undulations. The turf we use for this green is manufactured in the USA and is made from a Polypropylene fibre. It has specifically created backing which gives our turf the maximum drainage ratio. Different climates and client requirements necessitate different product variations which will be discussed with the client. Viewed as a sample ex situ it is hard to imagine the final surface but it is just one of the raw materials that turns the finished product, when professionally installed, into a true rolling and receptive surface that is our premier all round short-game green. 


The synthetic turf is “filled” with fine silica sand which is spread and brushed by our highly-experienced team to create a true putting surface which will replicate a Tour quality real-grass green without the need for daily mowing. A spinning golf ball will react in the same way as on a fully maintained grass green and any inconsistencies in the swing will be apparent to an experienced golfer watching the balls reaction. The importance of correct sand filling and brushing to avoid medium term problems in the playability of the green cannot be overstated.


The surface will have a putting speed of between 11 & 13 on the Stimpmeter so all undulations will be as subtle as that of a top golf course. This is best practice for putting as it trains the golfer to read the green as well as make the stroke. It is also the established view that it is preferable to practice on a faster green before a round rather than a slower one so as to permit the learning of a ‘stroke’ rather than a ‘hit’. (*Mark Roe, Dave Pelz, Jose-Maria Olazabal) We commonly see lesser quality synthetic surfaces at this speed which are too hard to absorb a pitch shot or have too many undulations thus rendering the surface unplayable. All shots we incorporate, (although some are extremely challenging!) are makable. This is the same product we have installed for Rory McIlroy at his home in Northern Ireland.


  • Premium quality turf that is suitable for the location
  • High putting speeds and accurate ball reaction including back spin and side spin
  • Low maintenance
  • High longevity (10+ years and counting)
  • Allows golfers to use practice routines such as Gripzone which encourage finishing out the hole and keeping score to improve game. This green is for pitching, chipping AND putting.