The Golf Zone by TGE is a four hole nylon putting green combined with a 12x12x12 powder coated cage/net with a heavy duty yet soft Nylon Tee. The putting green and driving area are encased in sleepers measuring 24 foot x 24 foot (standard size).  The remaining all-weather surface within the sleepers is our TGE fringe material incorporating the latest mono-filament PE bounce-back spine technology.




  • The putting green slopes gently to the centre on one side and is level on the other side
  • The putting green or the cage and tee can be sold and installed separately
  • For commercial installations we can add on as many nets as required
  • The green size can be increased in 8 foot by 24 foot dimensions
  • Price is for a total installation by Tour Greens Europe and includes all taxes and surcharges
  • Price is subject to a site survey to check access for machinery and ground levels
  • We can supply all materials in kit format for a self-installation





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